Producer and Director 

Starting his film career at the age of 18, David served his mandatory military service in Israel making training films for the Air Force. To ensure flight cadets wouldn’t fall asleep while watching them, he developed highly technical films in a way that both educated and entertained. After moving to America he worked on hundreds of projects as a film, television and commercial editor. In the past few years he has been following his passion for creating a stronger impact on society by focusing on directing documentaries.

One of David’s favorite and most gratifying creative challenges is that of taking very complicated material and explaining it to a layperson in a visually exciting way that isn’t just informative and memorable, but also touching.

After years of working on action films, TV shows, documentaries, live concerts, commercials, branded content and art-house films, he has distilled his filmmaking purpose into a simple thought: “what I love best is to tell stories about mind-blowingly epic people doing amazing things in the world, and to describe in detail why those things are indeed amazing.”

David recently completed work as the director and editor of a two-hour World War 2 special for National Geographic, edited on History Channel’s series “Washington,” directed a Charli XCX live concert for PBS, and regularly directs and edits commercials, documentaries and anything else he finds exciting.   

Carolyn Schmidt


Carolyn Schmidt is an award-winning Producer with over 20 years of experience creating globally relevant documentary and docu-drama content.

Her work has attracted massive audiences to Discovery Channel, Smithsonian TV, History Television, National Geographic, CBC Television, CTV, Knowledge Network, ZDF, RDI, and Channel 4. Her award-winning history and nature documentaries continue to air in repeats nearly fifteen years after they were made.

Transforming complex topics into emotionally compelling content that drives audiences to engage is Carolyn’s life’s work.

Over the last twenty plus years her work has engaged with stories that take a holistic approach to understanding difficult social issues: homelessness in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, the treatment of Bipolar Disorder, social isolation of persons with physical differences, natural preservation, urbanization, and the ways we measure intelligence.

Schmidt gained her first appreciation for diving into the emotional truth of stories while attending the world renowned Master’s Journalism Program at the University of Western Ontario.

Schmidt’s work has won multiple awards from the Columbus International Film and Video Festival, Canadian Screen Awards, and LEO Awards.

Natt McFee

Director of Photography

Natt McFee hails from a family of photographers, and found his own passion for the art and craft of picture-making when he was ten years old. He’s been working to perfect the art form ever since. 

Natt believes that honest imagery is often the most impactful, and has made it his goal to present the world as beautifully as possible, while maintaining visual integrity. 

While his work has been featured worldwide in a variety of films, television commercials, and ad campaigns, it is documentary work that keeps him fascinated and passionate.

Having collaborated with Director David Jakubovic in the past on many projects, CBD Nation was a dream come true, and is arguably his most important work to date. 

Natt shares his apartment in New York City with one girlfriend and 17 cameras. 

Daniel Jakubovic


Born in Israel, guitar and drum virtuoso Daniel Jakubovic was already performing on prime time Israeli TV shows and playing sessions on A-list albums regularly as a 14-year old. Daniel eventually relocated to New York City and then Los Angeles to expand the scope of his musical journey.

In addition to releasing 9 studio albums as both soloist and with his band, “Against the Wall,”  Daniel has produced numerous albums and songs for other artists. In his eclectic musical experience he has recorded special instrumental projects with Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess, spent a few months on tour as the drummer for the Broadway show “American Idiot,” and has recently been touring with two separate, mega 80’s rockers: Modern English and Tony Lewis.

Pain Nation is not Daniel’s first collaboration with director David Jakubovic, who happens to be his brother. The two have worked together dozens of times, and after years of telling David about the glories of cannabis, he was amused to see his big brother finally be the one telling him all about it.

Sarah Winters


Sarah discovered the magic and fun of animation when her first bird flew out of a sketch on notebook paper directly into a scanner, and was then cut out frame-by-frame in a computer, after which it came alive. Although meticulous, she finds the results consistently rewarding.

Still utilizing a hand-drawn approach, Sarah weaves together textures and objects from the natural world into the digital – maximizing the elements of After Effects with her knowledge of photography, digital design, and illustration. The projects she has worked on include interactive multi-media theater backdrops, documentaries, music videos, films, adverts, apps and logos.

To this day, every project becomes a puzzle; a mysterious journey of discovery that unfolds in an ever-evolving spiral. With cosmic branches stretching and roots grounded in her passion, Sarah dedicates herself to the process and is grateful for all opportunities that enter The DreamBox Workshop.  Embracing the learning process. she sculpts the manifested blossom to delight and inspire the viewers with hope and a sense of expanded awareness.

Tamarah Ackland


Tamarah began her post-production career in the fast paced TV industry in London working as an assistant editor on TV documentaries for the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV. She continued in Montreal where she began working on narrative and documentary feature films while struggling daily to order coffee in French. Upon relocating to Los Angeles in 2018 Tamarah was hired by director and editor David Jakubovic as his assistant editor for “6,630,507: The CBD Story” (called at the time “some documentary about CBD”) and was very quickly promoted to the role of co-editor. She is currently the editor on another feature documentary produced by David and directed by Emmy award winning Kristina Borjesson.

Keith powers

Executive Producer

Keith Powers has been active in start-ups, investments, media projects and building world-class companies, organizations and community development projects for over 20 years.

He is currently a Managing Partner at Engaged Partners, LLC, and works closely with inventors, entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists, and CEO’s to help them take their passions, companies and investment portfolios to the next level. He is also developing large-scale incentive prizes to foster breakthroughs in health and longevity and is a member of the National Academy of Medicine’s “Healthy Longevity Initiative Design Committee”.

Keith was previously the CEO of, Head of Strategic Development at the Khan Academy, EVP of Strategic Development at Singularity University, an Entrepreneur in Residence at REI Capital, Co-Creator and COO at Prize Capital, LLC, and EVP of Strategic Development at the X PRIZE Foundation – where he spearheaded an effort to create a modern-day version of the Nobel Prize by expanding the mission of the foundation to include prizes in other areas including energy, the environment/carbon, genomics, medicine, nanotechnology, transportation, education and social entrepreneurship.

Keith previously started and sold several companies, including a non-traditional media company, and a Hispanic DRTV advertising agency. From 1996-1999, he was the Director of Operations at Sun Apparel-The Polo Jeans Company, a $800M global manufacturer, distributor and retailer of casual apparel. Civic leadership, youth development, and national service have long been focus areas for Keith, including a stint at the US Embassy in Mexico City and as a volunteer corps member and national staff member with City Year, an “action tank” for national service. Advisor to: Matternet (,, He has served on numerous boards and is a member of NRDC’s Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2).


Executive Producer

Dwayne J. Clark founded Aegis Living to offer breakthrough design, disruptive operational concepts and transformative living experiences that bring joy, comfort, and meaning to the lives of seniors. With more than 30 years in the senior housing arena, he is an established leader nationally known for his creativity, innovation, and independent thinking in the development and management of standard setting senior living communities. Under his leadership, Aegis has grown to more than 30 locations in the Western U.S., employs more than 3,000 staff members, and to date has served more than 60,000 residents. 

In his capacity as CEO, Clark is a sought-after speaker and guest of the media, appearing regularly in print and broadcast with The New York Times, Today, Inc., Forbes, The Hollywood Reporter, and NBC. His many personal awards and recognitions include the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Award from Senior Services.

Clark has a strong belief in active philanthropy, the importance of building community and creating an opportunity for others. Clark and his company Aegis Living contribute to more than 70 local and global charities, with Clark founding The Potato Soup Foundation, Seattle Seniors Strong, The D1 Foundation, The Queen Bee Café and The March for Civility.

Dwayne lives in Seattle with his wife, Terese, who shares his commitment to active philanthropy.

Technion University

At the Technion university, which can be thought of as Israel’s MIT, Dr. Meiri runs a lab with a staff of 40 scientists, almost all of whom work full-time on researching the effects of cannabis on cancer. The discoveries they are making are breathtaking: different combinations of compounds from the cannabis plant kill different types of cancer cells. They are also researching the medical uses of cannabis in other diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, autism and more.

Sue Sisley, MD​

Psychiatry/Internal Medicine

Dr. Sisley is a board-certified psychiatrist and internal medicine specialist. She was the recipient of the first DEA licensed, federally funded grant to study Cannabis for use in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), focusing on combat veterans. Dr. Sisley is on faculty at Colorado State University, organizing the institution’s “Cannabis Center of Excellence” in Pueblo, Colorado.

Nicholas DiPatrizio, Ph.D.

University of California at Riverside

Dr. DiPatrizio’s laboratory at the University of California at Riverside’s School of Medicine investigates the impact of cannabis exposure on the endocannabinoid system’s function in metabolic health and disease. This work along with his work on the gut-brain axis and other research work on the endocannabinoid system will support the development of novel therapeutic strategies to safely treat obesity and related metabolic diseases. Read some of Dr. DiPatrizio’s extensive body of research papers here.

Tech Transfer Director, Clalit Health Services

Dr. Sagiv runs the patent office for “Clalit,” the largest Israeli HMO. A lot of the technological developments taking place in the medical space in Israel are done in conjunction with her office, including the development and testing via clinical trials of various CBD-based medications. One of the most fascinating success stories Dr. Sagiv is involved in has to do with CBD being used to treat Graft Vs Host Disease (GVHD), a horrible, often-deadly disease that develops in many Leukemia patients that have received bone marrow transplants. 

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. Mechoulam was the first to isolate delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, aka THC – the “high-making” molecule in cannabis – in 1964, at the Weizmann Institute in Israel. He has since made many important discoveries and published an extensive body of research in the field of cannabis science. It was in his lab that the first endocannabinoid, Anandamide, was discovered by Lumír Hanuš (also featured in our film) and Bill Devane, who had come to Israel from Czechoslovakia and the U.S, respectively. Dr. Mechoulam is in large part the reason Israel became such an important center for cannabis scientific research. At 88 years old, Dr. Mechoulam still works every day running his cannabis research laboratory at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. You can find his massive body of research work here.

Junella Chin, MD

Ostheopatic Physician

For over a decade, Dr. Chin lived and practiced medicine in California, where her integrative osteopathic clinic focused on children with intractable epilepsy, cancer, and autism. She has seen firsthand just how much medical cannabis can benefit patients. Dr. Chin has since moved back to her native New York and is now registered with the New York State Medical Cannabis Program. She currently treats both children and adults, and one of her areas of expertise is in the treatment of women’s health conditions with cannabis, a subject we discuss in the film.

As a chronic pain survivor for whom doctors suggested opiate pain medications, steroids, epidurals, and ultimately surgery to fuse the spine, Dr. Chin decided to dedicate her medical career to finding effective, integrative and holistic approaches to patient care.

Dr. Chin is a frequent keynote speaker on the science of medical cannabis and speaks often at hospitals, conferences, and events all over the world.

Lumír Ondřej Hanuš, Ph.D.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

A world-renowned analytical chemist and a leading figure in the field of cannabis research‭, Dr. Hanus is responsible for an extensive body of research and groundbreaking discoveries. ‬In 1992‭, while working at Dr. Raphael Mechoulam’s laboratory, ‬Prof‭. ‬Hanuš‭, along with William Devane, discovered a compound in the human brain‭ that acted upon the same receptor, discovered just a couple of years earlier, that THC acted upon. This new compound was named ‬Anandamide‭ after the Sanskrit word for bliss‭. ‬This discovery along with others made later by Dr. Hanuš and other scientists confirmed that the human body produces “cannabinoids” of its own. These cannabinoids were dubbed endocannabinoids‭, and the massive system in our body of endocannabinoids and endocannabinoid receptors is one of the central focuses of scientific research into the medical effects cannabis has on our body. You can read some of Dr. Hanus’s research work here.

Neurologist specializing in medical cannabis

Dr. Russo, a board-certified neurologist and an expert in child neurology, is one of the most respected researchers in the world on the science of medical cannabis. He has done extensive work on the links between cannabis and women’s health, was involved in the development of the first FDA approved CBD-based medication (Epidiolex, for epilepsy) and served as director of the International Cannabis and Cannabinoid Institute.

Reggie Gaudino, Ph.D.

President, Steep Hill Laboratories

With a Ph.D. in molecular genetics and after doing post-doctorate work studying rRNA, Dr. Gaudino rose from his role as chief science officer to president of Steep Hill Laboratories based in Berkley, California. He is considered a leader in the field of cannabis genetics, and is an expert in intellectual property and patent issues in the fields of molecular genetics and biotechnology. You can read some of Dr. Gaudino’s work here.

Martin A. Lee

Founder, Project CBD

Martin A. Lee is an author and journalist whose writing has appeared in publications including The Washington Post, Harper’s Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, and Rolling Stone Magazine. He is the author of four books, including Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana – Medical, Recreational and Scientific. Mr. Lee founded and directs Project CBD, a medical science information service focusing on current research into medical cannabis taking place around the world.

Martin is also the co-founder of Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), that was created to eliminate corporate and establishment media bias. He served as the first Editor of the organization’s publication Extra! and later became its Publisher. Lee co-authored his second book, Unreliable Sources: A Guide to Detecting Bias in News Media, in 1990 as an expansion on his work with FAIR.

Debra Kimless, MD

Board Certified Anesthesiologist/Lifestyle Medicine specialist

Dr. Kimless is a board-certified anesthesiologist with a subspecialty certification in Pain Medicine, and is board certified by the American/International Lifestyle Medicine Board. Widely regarded by her peers as one of the most experienced physicians specializing in the endocannabinoid system, one of Dr. Kimless’s focuses is helping pain patients reduce or replace opioids with the safer and often more effects cannabis oil. She also works often with cancer patients and focuses on microdose cannabis treatments. You can view a talk by Dr. Kimless about cancer patients treated successfully with cannabis oil here.

Co-Founder, Steep Hill Labs, Harborside, ArcView

Certainly one of the most widely recognized faces in the cannabis industry, Steve DeAngelo is a pioneering entrepreneur and activist who has played a major role in America’s “rediscovery” of CBD, preventing the compound from being entirely bred out of the plant and fighting to bring it, medical prowess and all, back into the focus of growers and consumers alike. He founded one of the first laboratories for cannabis analyses, Steep Hill Laboratories, and most famously he founded along with his brother Andrew the Oakland, California cannabis dispensary “Harborside,” one of the very first dispensaries licensed in the United States. Mr. DeAngelo also co-founded ArcView, the first cannabis investment firm, as well as the industry’s first trade association, the National Cannabis Industry Association. He currently serves as Chairman Emeritus of FLRish, a vertically integrated California cannabis company.

Uma V.A. Dhanabalan, MD

Board Certified Occupational Medicine Specialist

Dr. Dhanabalan is a board certified occupational medicine specialist and a fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians. She is passionate about empowering the public by educating as many people as possible about the endocannabinoid system and the huge body of scientific research out there regarding the medical uses of cannabis. As an occupational medicine practitioner, Dr. Dhanabalan often advocates for cannabis as an “exit drug” to help people reduce or eliminate opiate use for managing the pain and inflammation that often accompany sports injuries. Dr. Uma speaks often to lawmakers and at medical conferences as cannabis activist, author and expert.

Michael Moskowitz, MD

Board Certified Pain Specialist, Psychiatrist

Dr. Moskowitz is board certified in both pain medicine and psychiatry, and is an expert on neuroplasticity. After reading thousands of pages of scientific literature regarding cannabis and pain, he began treating some of the chronic pain patients in his clinic with cannabis. He kept a separate database for his cannabis-treated patients and discovered that the improvement in pain levels, focus, sleep and general life-quality among his patients who were using cannabis for their pain was significant. He is the author of the book, Medical Cannabis: A Guide for Patients, Practitioners, and Caregivers.

Andrew DeAngelo

Co-Founder, Steep Hill Labs, Harborside Arc View

Andrew DeAngelo plays a major role in the modern reentry of CBD into our culture, and in the story of CBD being used for treating childhood epilepsy. An activist in the medical cannabis reform movement for over 25 years, Andrew was instrumental in passing both Proposition 215 and Proposition 64, which legalized medical and adult-use cannabis, respectively, in California. He was also instrumental in passing Measure 59, legalizing medical cannabis in Washington DC in 1998. Andrew is a founder and  also currently serves on the Board of Directors of California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA). He is a respected leader in the cannabis industry and is one of the founding members of the medically-focused cannabis dispensary Harborside, in northern California.

Founder, Irwin Naturals

Having grown up poor with a single mother who could afford very little, Klee Irwin is acutely aware of the struggles many families experience when it comes to spending on their own wellness. In the 90’s Klee founded Irwin Naturals, a nutraceutical company that would go on to become a national brand sold at all the major retailers. Having achieved economic success, Klee left the management of his company to others and turned his life onto an unexpected path: theoretical physics research. But years later, he discovered that CBD appeared to significantly aid his ADD, while making him calmer and in his words, easier to get along with. After diving deeply into the study of cannabis science, Klee became convinced that America, a nation containing 5% of Earth’s population but which consumes 75% of its pharmaceutical drugs, needs easy, inexpensive access to CBD. The reality of CBD being prohibitively expensive to many caused Klee to return to his company and create a new line of CBD products with the goal of crashing the market, that is, putting them out at a very low cost, while forcing competitors everywhere to lower their prices, so that this important plant medicine is available to more people.

MD, Rehabilitation Specialist

Having given talks to the army and the NIH on the subject, and with a patent pending for “Cannabinoids and terpenes for the treatment of organophosphate toxicity” (including against nerve agents),” Dr. Morgan is no stranger to cannabis clinical use and research. He is the first Medical Doctor in Pennsylvania to have been certified by the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine. He spent 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry working on drug safety and clinical research, where he identified birth defects and other toxicities from ACE inhibitors and drugs for ADD.

George Bianchini

Cannabis Cultivator

As a cannabis cultivator, entrepreneur, researcher, and activist, George Bianchini’s life has been dedicated for many years to the betterment of the lives of others via the development of medically effective cannabis strains and his involvement in finding the best ways to integrate legal cannabis into our culture. He is one of the founders of the Medical Cannabis Research Consortium of Marin (MCRCM), a Marin County-based think tank comprised of growers, doctors, chemists, data scientists and entrepreneurs dedicated to the advancement of growing, studying, developing and providing medical grade cannabis products to patients. Mr. Bianchini has developed cannabis strain rich in THC-V, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with powerful medical effects that is gradually becoming an important research target in the scientific community.

Leonard Leinow

Cannabis Cultivator

Leonard Leinow has been cultivating and studying medical cannabis for decades, and is a pioneering, early leader in bringing CBD back into the medical cannabis dialogue in the United States by focusing his work on the breeding of CBD-rich cannabis strains. Mr. Leinow founded Synergy Wellness in 2008, a not-for-profit medical cannabis collective with over 4,000 medical cannabis patients as its members. His CBD-rich cannabis products and proprietary blends are recommended by doctors throughout California for patients with cancer, pain, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and other indications.

Jennifer Lanksbury

Fish and Wildlife Biologist

Ms. Lanksbury is a marine ecotoxicologist with over fifteen years of experience in the field of marine ecology as a field researcher, data analyst and published author. At the Washington State Fish and Wildlife’s Puget Sound Ecosystem Monitoring Program she conducted a series of experiments involving mussels to determine what toxins, specifically pharmaceutical drugs, were in the Puget Sound. The disturbing findings of this work point at a dark story about prescription drug use in America, marking the starting point of our film’s journey.

Jason David

Jayden’s Journey

From the time Jayden was born until he was 5 years old, he suffered thousands of seizures, sometimes 3 grand mal seizures per day. He was in an ambulance 42 times, and had consumed over 20,000 pills that appeared to do nothing but worsen his condition. Desperate and near the end of his rope,  his father Jason one day heard that cannabis might be useful for his son’s seizures. When he discovered the Harborside dispensary and met the DeAngelo brothers, his and his son’s lives changed forever, as did eventually, through Jason, the lives of many others.

Colin Wells

Founder, Veterans Walk and Talk

An Afghanistan War veteran, Colin Wells, like many of his fellow former servicemen and women, suffers from severe PTSD and pain related to his service. CBD and cannabis medicine in general have been found to often be life-saving for many who suffer from PTSD, a condition that has been shown to be associated with a deficiency in endocannabinoids – compounds made by the body that regulate many of the body’s functions, and that activate the same receptors in the body that cannabis molecules activate. Colin founded Veterans Walk and Talk, an organization that provides free medical cannabis to veterans in need and organizes hikes in nature where veterans can open up to other veterans and safely use cannabis to manage their PTSD symptoms.

Founder Rylie’s Smile Foundation and Inspired Rylie’s Law: Senate Bill 90

At age 7, Rylie Maedler was diagnosed with life-threatening facial bone tumors. After surgery failed to remove it all, and the danger of recurrence was high, Janie discovered through research that cannabis is known to have tumor shrinking effects. In their home state of Delaware, medical cannabis use for children was illegal, and so, while risking her daughter being taken away from her, Janie began giving Rylie cannabis oil regularly. It’s hard to decide which part of their story is more powerful: the astonishing effect of the cannabis on Rylie’s life, or their epic journey to get the Delaware congress to try and legalize medical cannabis for children.